So here we are...


So here we are, on the eve of a new year and I’m writing a blog…A BLOG!!!!!! A few weeks back a friend of mine said to me “Roman, I am very disappointed in you”, well, I was horrified by this statement, especially as I suffer from this horrible condition to be liked and make others feel positive about the man I am (I think I’ll be working to rid myself of this condition on 2019) so I responded “Why?” half knowing the reason already. You see, this friend is the one that designed my website and he showed so much faith and belief in me, which is why he was kind enough to use his expertise to help me out. He told me “Roman, I’ve looked at your website and you haven’t written one blog yet, you’ve posted nothing!” I knew this would be his reason for such disappointment in me and so, here I am, writing and determined to turn a new leaf in the new year.

My lack of desire to write a blog was partly because of a very negative thought, that thought was... “Who’s going to read it?” I reflected on this thought and realised just how stupid a thought it was. You see, we shouldn’t create only when we have an audience, we should create because it’s in our heart, our mind, our soul, because it’s what we do and if we keep doing what we love, well, the audience will come. All in due time. 

I know, you’ve been here before haven’t you? So have I. On the eve of a new year we make promises to ourselves about the people we intend to be, the changes we intend to make and the things we will leave behind and then by the 31st of January…or the 13th depending on your level of will power, we’re right back to being our old selves. That’s because we know this old version of ourselves, it feels comfortable being that person and change brings about discomfort, so we resist it. Ultimately it’s all about how badly you want it, it doesn’t matter how much others want to see you succeed, the question is do you want to succeed? Well…do you?

Recently, I have had to be very honest with myself and ask, what do I really want? I tend to think in a somewhat negative way, I know…bad habit, so instead of thinking about what I want, I’ll think about the things I don’t want. This has caused me to attract more and more things that I don’t want…what a surprise.” I don’t want to keep eating mince pies and put on weight!”…”Ooooohhhhh look, mince pies are only £1 a box, essential purchase.” “ I don’t want to sleep in late and waste my day.” But ooooohhhh it’s so warm in bed, let me just keep hitting snooze. This has been my life of late, so in order to change this, I need to change the way I think. “I want to eat healthy food and feel better!” “I want to wake up earlier and make the most of my day”, even as I write this I feel more positive and I believe that I can make it happen and trust me, you can too.

We make thousands of decisions everyday, some are positive and some are not but if you can make the majority of your decisions positive ones then you’ll be winning. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you make a bad decision from time to time, learn from it, grow stronger and keep keeping on. I am truly thankful to have lived through this year, to have made it to December 31st, 2018 in good health and with all that I have. I am working hard to make 2019 another year of progress and I hope that you take this same approach as the clock nears midnight. To one and all, I wish you a Happy New Year.

Roman Harris