An attempt at consistency By Roman Harris

As I sit here on Sunday night I’m trying to remember what my Monday was like. I’m trying to remember without looking at my diary, a calendar or messages from friends and family and I’m honestly struggling. Hold on, let me think…ok, I’ve just finished working out that Monday was the 26th August, hold on…Ahhh yes, that was bank holiday Monday, Carnival! Now I remember. Honestly, that took me about 3 minutes. Now, what was I doing on Tuesday?

The last week came and went so fast that I can’t even remember most of what I got up to, but here’s what I do know. I was sick for a few days over the bank holiday weekend. I came down with a throat infection and it got to the stage that I had to go to my GP who prescribed me some anti-biotics, he said to take 2 pills four times a day for 10 days…That’s 80 pills. So I decided to just get some Lemon and Ginger and try to nurse myself back to health. Still got the pills though, as a back up. 

It’s been a progressive few weeks for music. I played an amazing Sofar Sounds gig recently. The vibe and venue were just amazing and I have also registered my next release which is entitled ‘Upon a Lifetime’ it will be available for pre-sale as of 13th September and released on the 27th September. I have had a few meetings with a very talented director by the name of Joe Constante, we have been discussing ideas for the video and I’m looking forward to this one, as this song is my everything. 

As for Comedy, well, it’s time to get back on that train. The last few weeks have seen me pretty busy with a side project (more will be revealed in a future blog) but it’s caused me to be away from stand-up for a while, so, now it’s time to get back out there. I’ve got a couple of gigs lined up for September already and more to follow so am truly looking forward to that. I went to a comedy gig last night, just to watch but also to get myself back into that atmosphere and it made me want to do it all even more. 

This blog is an attempt at consistency. I have tried numerous times to start a blog, but after a week or two I lose the will to continue writing. My intention, as well as updating you on my thoughts and general progress, is to develop a degree of consistency for something. If I can be consistent in this area of my life then it may well spread to other areas of my life and so I am going to try my best to document my week by week experiences. I know that many of you out there follow me but have no idea what my life looks like behind the pictures, videos or music, so this will be a little insight into it all. Ok, I have to go to work now. Enjoy.

Roman Harris

Roman Harris