The Pre-release Blog!



It’s the 30th of May, one day before the release of my second single ‘Get Me Got Me’ I am anxious, I am excited but above all I feel blessed and privileged to be in a position to create music and offer it to you and the world. I truly mean that! 

Now there may not be much glits and glamour attached to this release, no major campaign with bells on, no bottles poppin’ in the club, but there is something, something worth so much more and that’s the drive and determination of an artist that believes in the music he dreams up, there is the support that he receives from the people who also believe in his work. Some of you I’ve know for years and others only days, literally, and there is the music, the sweet, sweet music that will be here long after us. You all see what I see and you feel what I feel, and that’s why you’ve decided to jump on board for the ride and that I appreciate more than you know. 

‘Get Me Got Me’ is the second of 4 singles I will be releasing this year, all of these songs are connected in some way, much like all of us. This song will infect a good way! But it will have you singing, whistling, moving, and remembering what it feels like to love! Trust me! My hope is that with every song you hear from me, you are moved, you are touched, you get goosebumps or chills, You smile or you cry, ultimately I want you to feel something, because if art is not causing you to feel then what is it doing?

Thank you for taking this ride with me and for your continued support, when this track drops tomorrow, play it loud!!!! Save it to your playlist, give me a follow and tell a friend. Maybe even use it as an excuse to contact your ex! Haha! Thank you all once again! 



Roman Harris