Did you hear the birds sing? By Roman Harris

Hey People,

I hope you’re well and the week has been kind to you. Here we are, at the start of yet another week and it’s another opportunity to make magic happen in your own special way. I know that we’re all going through our respective trials and tribulations, so be kind, be caring and whatever happens remain as positive as can be. Now let’s see how much of my own advice I can take!

Thanks so much to the many of you that reached out to compliment me on last week’s blog. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the read and that it resonated with you. I’ll keep them coming if you keep on reading. I was talking with a very close friend of mine this week. He was very complimentary about the blog and said that the part where I spoke about the seconds of our lives ticking away really connected with him. He is at a crossroads regarding his career and we were discussing life and the importance of finding a balance between what we have to do and what we want to do. He’s a very smart guy, very driven and has an amazing family network around him, so I’m confident he’ll figure it out. That’s all any of us really want to do, figure it out. I myself am trying to do just that everyday. He mentioned to me just how important it was for us to have conversations, as they are a form of therapy. This is so true, and it made me realise why I’m enjoying writing this blog, as this is a weekly conversation I have with myself and then share with you and that for me is very therapeutic. 

This week got off to a pretty tough start with a crash back to reality! After spending such a lovely weekend in Perugia I was back to work and my first day back saw me placed on a training course in Harrow...now I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Harrow and if you’re from Harrow then no offence is intended here, but let’s just say it’s far from paradise...I went from this…

Roman Harris View.JPG

...to this...

Roman Harris Bad View.JPG

Now you tell me, how am I suppose to keep my spirits up? The chill is now in the air and the seasons are clearly changing. John Snow warned us and now we can clearly see “Winter is coming” 

In preparation for the release of my next single (Upon a Lifetime, Available for pre-order now) I would be shooting a music video and so in order to get myself looking sharp I went to see my barber. The relationship between a man and his barber is a very important one. I always wanted to have the kind of relationship with my barber where I wouldn’t have to even tell him what I wanted. I’d just sit down and he’d know what to do and I’m happy to say, I have this now and my barber is a wizard with the clippers. I’ve been sporting this high top, which has continued to get higher and higher and so, to prevent myself becoming a bit of joke #KidnPlay I thought it wise to take a bit off the top. However, the way I communicated this to my barber left a lot to be desired. My words were “Can you take this down half a level” but what I think he heard was, “Can you take this down to half the level”. Can you see where the misunderstanding may have occurred? So now my hair is much lower than intended. I actually didn’t tell him any of this at the time, I just accepted that this would be my new hairstyle for the time being. After that first bit of hair came off, there was no turning back, so I thought it best to just relax and accept it. One thing I learnt a while ago is to take ownership for things, whether you think it’s your fault or not, don’t get into the habit of blaming others and one thing I’m definitely not going to do is blame my barber! The man is great at what he does and I truly value his trade and skill...And you know what? Everything happens for a reason, maybe it was time for a change and to be fair, I like it! Thank you bro for giving me what I didn’t even know I wanted. 

(I think my barber actually reads my blog, so bro, if this is the first you’re hearing of this just know it’s all love and you’re still my Barber! See you soon for another cut)

For those that didn’t get the #KidnPlay reference, google it!

For those that didn’t get the #KidnPlay reference, google it!

Shooting a music video is a stressful process, even more so when you’ve had little time to prepare due to being so busy with travel and work, but once you’ve committed to doing it and the equipment is booked and the director is so great at what he does and has come all the way from Swindon to shoot the video for you, then you simply have to find a way to make it happen. Directing this video for me would be the talented Joe Constante. Joe trained as a dancer and growing up he tells me he always had a love for art. He sees the ability to direct, film and edit as another form of choreography. I imagine he was a great dancer because the man clearly has skill when it comes to directing and dreaming up concepts. However, two days before the shoot we still hadn’t secured one of the venues and were is desperate need of a smoke machine. I made some calls regarding a location but had no luck, plus it would be tough to find somewhere that would be happy for us to use a smoke machine...currently a smoke machine that we didn’t have. I decided to just order the smoke machine on Amazon rather than try to find somebody with one. It would be delivered the night before the shoot. Talk about walking a fine line. As for the venue, well, I had to bite the bullet and use the only location available. My flat! It was 9:30pm on Tuesday evening when the smoke machine arrived, thank god it got here and thank god for Amazon Prime, I knew that subscription would come in handy...but I’d only know whether the machine worked come Wednesday morning as the production team would be bringing the liquid needed to operate it. Things could so easily have fallen apart...but they didn’t. I managed to clear the living room, the smoke machine worked, everyone arrived on time and we were able to accomplish all that we set out to do, just in time for me to put my flat back together and head off to work a night shift. Day 1 of filming was complete.

Roman Harris 3.PNG

The following day we would be shooting more scenes for the music video. This meant that I had to make it to Kingston University for 11am, the only problem is that I finished work at 9:30am and that’s provided I didn’t get any overtime call outs so I was hoping and praying that the stars would align for me and I would get out of work on time if not early. Luckily they did align and someone came in early to relieve me. I had a shower, got dressed and raced over to Kingston Uni. Barbara Mendes who is a powerhouse of a woman and has also been working with me on this video organised a studio for us at the University, free of charge and it was amazing! The lights, the space, everything. Joe who I mentioned is the director for this video had been working wonders yesterday and so I had total confidence in his ability to deliver today. Once we finished recording we decided to do a little interview about the track, Barbara asked “how would you describe ‘Upon a Lifetime’ in one word” and before I could even gather my thoughts Joe said “It’s the most beautiful painful thing you will ever experience” I was blown away by his answer. What blew me away was not just how perfect an answer it was but the fact that this was someone else talking about a song I had written, not me talking about my own work, but someone else...do you know what that means? It means that the music has done it’s job! It has been created, shared and felt by the listener, Joe felt it so much so that he was able to find those words to describe it in one sentence and soon enough you’ll all be able to feel it too. 

Still from ‘Upon a Lifetime’ shoot Day 2

Still from ‘Upon a Lifetime’ shoot Day 2

That’s a wrap! Roman Harris x Joe Constante x Barbara Mendes

That’s a wrap! Roman Harris x Joe Constante x Barbara Mendes

Random Dream

(It’s 3am on Friday morning and I’m on a night shift. When on night shifts we can rest between 12 - 6:45am. As I slept a dream had just started where I was on a bus and two women had come over to sit on my lap, I said to them…“Well, now I’ve got my hands full” and at that very moment the call bells went down, I was woken up and we were called out to an incident. I’ve just got back to the fire station, wish I could return to that dream right now) 

It’s Friday today...Friday the 13th, you know what that means right. That’s right! ‘Upon a lifetime’ is now available to pre-order. Come on people! Get behind your boy! Have I ever dissapointed you??? Ok, depending on who’s reading this maybe I have once or twice but trust me, you won’t be disappointed by this song, so please do support. Friday also saw me get back into the world of comedy, as I performed at my first gig for a few weeks. It was for a night called Riffin at the Griffin in Vauxhall for ZAM comedy. I tried out a few new pieces of material just to see how they worked with the crowd. Apparently, in comedy the idea is to write a routine and then keep working that same routine before moving on to new material, but I keep getting so many new ideas that I want to try out so every now and then I give them a try. I think one of the major keys with comedy is confidence. Even if you bomb or fall flat on your face, just do it confidently and that will help a whole lot.

I have a question for you...When’s the last time you heard the bird’s sing? Can you remember the exact time and place? This is a question I ask myself from time to time. It’s a test I have with myself to see how present I was during the day. Some days I honestly cannot remember whether I heard a bird sing at all, however, on Saturday I awoke, lay in bed, realised for the first time in a while I had no reason to rush and there it was...the sound of bird song. I lay there for a while just enjoying the moment. Moments like these need to be savoured more often.

Later that day I went to play football for the first time in months. It was the first game to be played since Ian died. The game was played in good spirit and all of the guys seemed to be coping well. My team lost 10-6 but the score line flatters the opposition. I mean we went 3-0 down and then rallied back to 3-2 before conceding again to make it 4-2 before our water break, after the water break we managed to tie the game at 5-5 but we made silly mistakes at the back and just couldn’t put our chances away. I was directly at fault for at least 2 or 3 of the goals conceded and although I scored one, I missed a handful of chances too, to be fair, we all missed chances. It just didn’t come together for us this week but it was a great bit of exercise and competition. 

That evening I went to the theatre to see a play called ‘Chiaroscuro’. It’s a play that focuses on the struggles of black women who are gay and is directed by Lynette Linton. Lynette is my cousin and over the last 10 years I have watched her growth as a writer and director. From putting on her own shows to now being the artistic director at Bush Theatre. I’m extremely proud of her and her achievements and I know that there are much bigger things in store for her. The play will be running until October 5, so do get down to see it! 

Lynette Linton - Artistic Director at Bush Theatre

Lynette Linton - Artistic Director at Bush Theatre

I ended my week attending an event called ‘Connected by Humanity’. This event was dreamt up by Richard Faulkus, a friend of mine who I’ve known for a few years now. Connected by Humanity aims to bring people together of all backgrounds, races, sexualities, genders etc and provide them with a safe space to speak on various topics. This month’s topic was ‘forgiveness’. Richard asked me to come along so that we could together sing a song for his mother, as it was her birthday, but whilst there I decided to share with the group and so it’s only right that I share with you too.

5 years ago I ended a long term relationship with my then girlfriend. We had tried to make it work but we lived on opposite sides of the world and neither of us were prepared to make the move for the other person. A few weeks after we broke up she called to tell me that her brother had been diagnosed with leukaemia, sadly he did not beat the disease. I remember feeling so helpless, I remember thinking that this was the one time she needed me the most and yet I could not be there for her. I have lived with this guilt for the last 5 years and am still yet to forgive myself for not being there. The things about forgiveness is that no matter how many people try to console you or tell you that there is nothing you could have done, it doesn’t change how you feel inside. Ultimately, you have to learn how to forgive yourself and I have no idea how to do that. All any of us can do is embrace the life we have and try our best to do what we think is right and most importantly not beat ourselves up too much. 

Well, this brings me to the end of another blog. I won’t be watching Match of the day 2 tonight after Arsenal squandered a 2 goal lead! Yes…I’m an Arsenal fan! What a ridiculous defence we have. Anyway, thanks again for reading. Have a fantastic week and be safe. 

Roman Harris

Roman HarrisComment
No business like show business! By Roman Harris

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all well and welcome back to another blog. This week I found myself wondering whether I should start a podcast, many people are doing them these days, however, there’s something about sitting and writing/typing that I find rather therapeutic as opposed to talking. I think when writing you can sit with your thoughts a little more, you can also be a lot more measured and precise. Maybe one day I’ll start a podcast but for now let me continue to be consistent with this blog and then see what the future holds. Plus…(warning…mini rant coming) If I’m going to do a podcast then it has to be quality. I’ve heard too many bad podcasts. If you’re going to make a podcast at least make an attempt to do it well. Like, for starters, get a decent microphone and record it in a space that’s built well for recording sound and If you’re going to have 4 or 5 of your friends on the podcast at the same time, make sure everyone has a microphone close enough to capture their voice…that’s just basics man! What’s the point of a podcast if you can’t hear what everyone is saying. Ok, rant over. Now on to the good stuff.

Remember in my last blog I told you that I had been working on a project, well. It’s time to tell all. Back in July I decided to quit my part time job working for UBER and focus more on my creativity (I retired with a 5* rating I might add).


Music is my main passion but I am also a huge fan of stand-up comedy and so I threw myself into this world, performing my first gig on the 4th July at a comedy night in Brixton called ‘Get Laughs Or Die Trying’ a night created by Sotonye Ogan who is a very talented comedian. Following the success of this gig I continued to find other places to perform and my third gig was for a comedy company called Nice n’ Spikey. After I performed at this gig I was approached by a casting director for ITV who was in the audience that evening. He asked whether I would be interested appearing in the revamp of a TV gameshow. This gameshow turned out to be ‘Supermarket Sweep’ and I would play a recurring role as a cashier. It was an offer I could not refuse and so, over a 10 day period we filmed 20 episodes, of which I appeared in 14 of them. The show is hosted by Rylan Clark-Neal of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and debuts on ITV 2, tonight, the 9th September at 8pm. I’m so excited!

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Rylan and the gang.

Rylan and the gang.

Working on this show was really great fun, not only did it give me a chance to showcase my acting and developing comedic skills but it also opened up a few doors for my music, hopefully the clips of me singing make the final edit. On one occasion I even had the opportunity to perform my single ‘Get Me Got Me’ to a live studio audience. It was surreal. One thing that stood out to me the most during my time filming at Maidstone Studios was just how much everyone seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. The days were long, filming wasn’t always easy and not everything went to plan, but through it all there was a feeling that people were where they wanted to be and that was so refreshing to be around and made me want to chase a life in entertainment now more than ever.

Recently, whilst travelling in to work I caught myself looking at my watch and noticed the seconds ticking away. As I stood there on a packed district line train I had the sobering thought that these are the seconds of my life ticking away. These are the seconds of all of our lives ticking away, so why not do the things that we genuinely want to do. I take some comfort in knowing that I am doing my best to chase my dreams and getting a spot on this show through the strength of my comedy was proof that I am moving in the right direction. I hope you all enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

Roman Harris Twitter.jpg

Another date for your diaries is Friday 13th September. This is a date that you surely cannot forget, I mean come on…It’s Friday 13th. This is the day that my next single ‘Upon a Lifetime’ will go on pre-sale. I know we live in an age where purchasing music is not something we all do regularly, myself included, but it would mean the world to me if you spread the word to your friends and family about this song and buy it. I remember the day that I sat at my keyboard and this song just poured out of me, when I say that this song is my heart I truly mean it. It was written at a time when I was in such pain and sadness but there’s also a lot of love in this track and I feel like these emotions can be felt when you listen to this song. I just know you’ll be moved by it. 

Roman Harris Upon a Lifetime

In other news, I was pleasantly surprised this week with an invitation to see the play ‘Hamilton’ at the Victoria Theatre. A good friend of mine had VIP tickets, and when I say VIP I’m talking, stalls, 3rd row, smack bang in the middle, complementary wine at the interval (which I had too much of)  free programmes and access backstage after the show to meet the cast. It was a great night and I thank you brother for the invite. Sitting so close to the stage was a great experience, however, I’m not sure I’d like to do it again. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing to be close to the action but at times I found myself eyeing up the women on stage a bit too much, I’d say at least 30% of the time...ok…maybe more. They were so sexy and of course talented. You know what dancers are like...right? No? Just me? Hmmmm, they’re soooooo flexible! I was so distracted that at times it was bloody hard to follow the storyline. I think the play was about this guy who went to New York to be a battle rapper or something...but yo! The women though! I kid, I kid. The show was amazing, though I think I’ll stick to the dress circle next time.

As I write this section of my weekly blog I am on a flight to Rome. I know you must be thinking that my life is a movie but trust me, not every week is packed with this much excitement and activity. So, why am I heading to Rome? Good question...it’s because I missed my flight to Perugia! That’s why! So embarrassing! (And if you don’t know where Perugia is, don’t worry, because I sure didn’t either, but Perugia is a city in the Italian region of Umbria, see, this blog is entertaining and educational) Remember when I said I drank too much wine at ‘Hamilton’ Well...I was due to catch an early morning flight the next day and by the time I got home I was pretty tipsy. I decided I’d try to stay awake through the night, I only had to kill a few hours before my coach for the airport, so I set my alarm (just in case I fell asleep) and started watching episodes of ‘The Office’ the next thing I know I’m waking up on my sofa to the sound of birds and the sun in the sky. At first I had no clue why I was on my sofa, then I slowly started to remember the night before, “ahh, yeah, Hamilton! That was great!...hmmm the women” Then I started to feel like there was somewhere I was meant be, then........”FUCK!!!!!!!!” There was nothing I could do, my flight would leave in one hour, there was no way I’d make it to Stansted in time!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m “Mr Reliable” but every now and then I honestly surprise myself. Now, what I haven’t told you is the reason I was going to Perugia, it was for a wedding, a wedding that I had been asked to perform at. (yes, I know that I’m shooting myself in the foot when it comes to being booked for future gigs but this story is rather entertaining so I’ll take the chance) I could not let the Bride and Groom down, so I did what any noble man would do and started to work on the perfect lie to cover up this enormous screw up! Just kidding! I grabbed my credit card, accepted that I was about to put myself into a sea of debt and worked out a way to get there! The best route seemed to be London to Rome then a train from Rome to Perugia, and so, here I sit, about 1 hour into my flight with another hour to go, followed by a 45 minute journey to the railway station then a 2 hour train ride to Perugia and finally another 45 minute drive to the hotel. The VIP ‘Hamilton’ tickets were free, but I’m paying for them now! 

Roman Harris flight pic.JPG

I arrived in Perugia past midnight, everything was fine until I got to Rome Termini which is the central railway station in Rome. My train was delayed, then eventually cancelled. The next train was then delayed and when we finally departed what was meant to be a 2 hour trip took 3.5 hours. It was honestly the trip from hell but it was all my fault. Got to take this one on the chin! I’m not a fan of arriving in to new places at night, all I could see was darkness, but as the sun rose I was greeted with spectacular views. This region of Italy is absolutely amazing. I mean, of course there may be more amazing regions. as this is the first I’ve seen but it’s truly spectacular here, what a treasure. The venue for this wedding is amazing too and I had the pleasure of playing some songs at the pre-wedding party, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve always been a fan of weddings, there’s so much love and positivity and everyone’s in high spirits. However, when the pre-wedding party finished I checked my phone and came to find a few messages shared in a WhatsApp group that I’m a part of and the messages weren’t positive. You see, I play football with a great bunch of guys every Saturday and one of them has been battling Cancer for a while now. Sadly he lost his battle and messages of condolences flooded the group. Upon hearing of a death there’s a range of emotions that you are overcome by and helplessness is one of them. That’s how I felt. Here I am in Italy about to see a friend of mine get married and start a new journey in his life and on the other hand another friend has come to the end of his road. Life can be so unfair. I sat alone under the stars and shed tears, I called a few people close to me and sent a few text messages and would like to thank those of you that provided the support I needed at the time. It means a lot! Bless you brother. You were truly a gentleman and a kind soul, you faced your illness with bravery, a true fighter! I liked you even though you were a Chelsea fan and I’ll will miss you mate, we all will! Rest in peace Ian. 

Roman Harris Scenery.JPG
Roman Harris Scenery 2.JPG

Upon waking up the next day, as well as being ridiculously hung over (I swear...I don’t have a drinking problem despite all the evidence against me) I was ever so thankful for life and took a moment to contact a few people to let them know just how much they meant to me. The day ahead would be a big one and was the the reason I flew to Italy. My manager was getting married. I was touched to get an invite to the wedding, especially as I’ve only known him for 6 months, but come on...who wouldn’t want me at their wedding? I kid! I’m not that conceited. You see, I was promoted back in March and upon moving to my new fire station (Yes...I’m a Firefighter) and finding out that my manager was getting married I had a chat with him and told him not to feel any pressure to invite me to his wedding. You see I understand that these things take a lot of planning and preparation and so I wouldn’t have been offended if an invite didn’t come my way. But alas, he did invite me and the wedding was amazing. The ceremony was short...just the way I like wedding ceremonies but it was also very moving. There were a few showers earlier in the day and even during the ceremony the rain threatened to fall but it held off and later on the sun came out to create the perfect setting. It was such a beautiful day. Later in the evening we sat for dinner and speeches. The venue was immaculate and on our tables were individual handwritten notes from the bride and groom. Words mean so much to me and the words that were written in my note gave me goosebumps. We go through life not always knowing how others feel about us, or the impact we have on them so to receive a card with words that express such things meant a lot. After events of the last few days I think it’s important to let people know how you feel. If you love someone, let them know, for all we have is this life, so make the moments count. 

Roman Harris Pool.jpg

As I come to the end of this week’s blog I am sat here in Perugia airport, yes! That’s right! I’m not missing this flight! I’m drinking a black coffee and seriously considering giving up alcohol. I’ve done so before for 3 months and the benefits were plentiful. The next wedding I’ll be attending is in mid-October so I think I’ll take a break until then. I’ll let you know how I get on in next week’s blog! 

Just before I go I’ll leave you with these reminders:

. Tune in to ITV2 tonight at 8pm to catch the first episode of Supermarket Sweep! 

. Remember ‘Upon a Lifetime’ goes on pre-sale on the 13th September. 

. Don’t get drunk the night before a flight or any form of travel for that matter. Even if you have VIP tickets to see ‘Hamilton’ 


. Finally, share your feelings with those that matter to you and remember to do something for yourself with the time you have. 

Thanks for reading, be well and I’ll catch you next week. 

Roman Harris

Roman Harris Flight.JPG
Roman Harris
An attempt at consistency By Roman Harris

As I sit here on Sunday night I’m trying to remember what my Monday was like. I’m trying to remember without looking at my diary, a calendar or messages from friends and family and I’m honestly struggling. Hold on, let me think…ok, I’ve just finished working out that Monday was the 26th August, hold on…Ahhh yes, that was bank holiday Monday, Carnival! Now I remember. Honestly, that took me about 3 minutes. Now, what was I doing on Tuesday?

The last week came and went so fast that I can’t even remember most of what I got up to, but here’s what I do know. I was sick for a few days over the bank holiday weekend. I came down with a throat infection and it got to the stage that I had to go to my GP who prescribed me some anti-biotics, he said to take 2 pills four times a day for 10 days…That’s 80 pills. So I decided to just get some Lemon and Ginger and try to nurse myself back to health. Still got the pills though, as a back up. 

It’s been a progressive few weeks for music. I played an amazing Sofar Sounds gig recently. The vibe and venue were just amazing and I have also registered my next release which is entitled ‘Upon a Lifetime’ it will be available for pre-sale as of 13th September and released on the 27th September. I have had a few meetings with a very talented director by the name of Joe Constante, we have been discussing ideas for the video and I’m looking forward to this one, as this song is my everything. 

As for Comedy, well, it’s time to get back on that train. The last few weeks have seen me pretty busy with a side project (more will be revealed in a future blog) but it’s caused me to be away from stand-up for a while, so, now it’s time to get back out there. I’ve got a couple of gigs lined up for September already and more to follow so am truly looking forward to that. I went to a comedy gig last night, just to watch but also to get myself back into that atmosphere and it made me want to do it all even more. 

This blog is an attempt at consistency. I have tried numerous times to start a blog, but after a week or two I lose the will to continue writing. My intention, as well as updating you on my thoughts and general progress, is to develop a degree of consistency for something. If I can be consistent in this area of my life then it may well spread to other areas of my life and so I am going to try my best to document my week by week experiences. I know that many of you out there follow me but have no idea what my life looks like behind the pictures, videos or music, so this will be a little insight into it all. Ok, I have to go to work now. Enjoy.

Roman Harris

Roman Harris
The Pre-release Blog By Roman Harris



It’s the 30th of May, one day before the release of my second single ‘Get Me Got Me’ I am anxious, I am excited but above all I feel blessed and privileged to be in a position to create music and offer it to you and the world. I truly mean that! 

Now there may not be much glits and glamour attached to this release, no major campaign with bells on, no bottles poppin’ in the club, but there is something, something worth so much more and that’s the drive and determination of an artist that believes in the music he dreams up, there is the support that he receives from the people who also believe in his work. Some of you I’ve know for years and others only days, literally, and there is the music, the sweet, sweet music that will be here long after us. You all see what I see and you feel what I feel, and that’s why you’ve decided to jump on board for the ride and that I appreciate more than you know. 

‘Get Me Got Me’ is the second of 4 singles I will be releasing this year, all of these songs are connected in some way, much like all of us. This song will infect you...in a good way! But it will have you singing, whistling, moving, and remembering what it feels like to love! Trust me! My hope is that with every song you hear from me, you are moved, you are touched, you get goosebumps or chills, You smile or you cry, ultimately I want you to feel something, because if art is not causing you to feel then what is it doing?

Thank you for taking this ride with me and for your continued support, when this track drops tomorrow, play it loud!!!! Save it to your playlist, give me a follow and tell a friend. Maybe even use it as an excuse to contact your ex! Haha! Thank you all once again! 



Roman Harris
The Smell of Heather By Roman Harris

I hope you love it

The Smell of Heather Artwork.jpg

In 2012 I came across a book of poetry called ‘Heather’s Book’ written by Vivian Anglin. The first poem in the book was entitled ‘The Smell of Heather’ and from that poem this single was born. 

I was so moved by his body of work, by the raw style of writing, by the true compassion and longing expressed in his words that I simply had to use music to tell Heather’s story.

Great things do take time and it has taken quite a few years for this song to find it’s way to the ears of the public and now it’s yours to stream and download.

I would like to thank everyone connected with this project for your guidance, inspiration and support along the way and to you the listener for taking the time to enjoy this piece of art. 

Thank you.


New SongRoman Harris
So here we are... By Roman Harris

So here we are, on the eve of a new year and I’m writing a blog…A BLOG!!!!!! A few weeks back a friend of mine said to me “Roman, I am very disappointed in you”, well, I was horrified by this statement, especially as I suffer from this horrible condition to be liked and make others feel positive about the man I am (I think I’ll be working to rid myself of this condition on 2019) so I responded “Why?” half knowing the reason already. You see, this friend is the one that designed my website and he showed so much faith and belief in me, which is why he was kind enough to use his expertise to help me out. He told me “Roman, I’ve looked at your website and you haven’t written one blog yet, you’ve posted nothing!” I knew this would be his reason for such disappointment in me and so, here I am, writing and determined to turn a new leaf in the new year.

My lack of desire to write a blog was partly because of a very negative thought, that thought was... “Who’s going to read it?” I reflected on this thought and realised just how stupid a thought it was. You see, we shouldn’t create only when we have an audience, we should create because it’s in our heart, our mind, our soul, because it’s what we do and if we keep doing what we love, well, the audience will come. All in due time. 

I know, you’ve been here before haven’t you? So have I. On the eve of a new year we make promises to ourselves about the people we intend to be, the changes we intend to make and the things we will leave behind and then by the 31st of January…or the 13th depending on your level of will power, we’re right back to being our old selves. That’s because we know this old version of ourselves, it feels comfortable being that person and change brings about discomfort, so we resist it. Ultimately it’s all about how badly you want it, it doesn’t matter how much others want to see you succeed, the question is do you want to succeed? Well…do you?

Recently, I have had to be very honest with myself and ask, what do I really want? I tend to think in a somewhat negative way, I know…bad habit, so instead of thinking about what I want, I’ll think about the things I don’t want. This has caused me to attract more and more things that I don’t want…what a surprise.” I don’t want to keep eating mince pies and put on weight!”…”Ooooohhhhh look, mince pies are only £1 a box, essential purchase.” “ I don’t want to sleep in late and waste my day.” But ooooohhhh it’s so warm in bed, let me just keep hitting snooze. This has been my life of late, so in order to change this, I need to change the way I think. “I want to eat healthy food and feel better!” “I want to wake up earlier and make the most of my day”, even as I write this I feel more positive and I believe that I can make it happen and trust me, you can too.

We make thousands of decisions everyday, some are positive and some are not but if you can make the majority of your decisions positive ones then you’ll be winning. Don’t beat yourself up too much if you make a bad decision from time to time, learn from it, grow stronger and keep keeping on. I am truly thankful to have lived through this year, to have made it to December 31st, 2018 in good health and with all that I have. I am working hard to make 2019 another year of progress and I hope that you take this same approach as the clock nears midnight. To one and all, I wish you a Happy New Year.

Roman Harris